Amy Brohman


At a young age, Amy was  looking for something to calm her anxious and stress-filled mind. That’s when she found yoga. The benefits, even when practicing alone at home, were obvious, but it was only after years of on-and-off practice that she started practicing consistently with her university’s yoga club. Participating in group classes changed her practice. And after her very first class, she felt a desire to teach: to challenge, calm, relax, ground and connect with students like her teacher had with her.
Then, with a love for yoga already established, Amy tried her first Modo class and felt at home. After three years of practicing at Modo, she applied for Teacher Training and hopped on a plane to L.A. Since then, the ongoing desire to learn and improve her personal practice and teaching fueled her to completed her Modo Flow training (2015), Yin  (2016), and Modo Fit (2017) as well as numerous workshops.
While teaching, she loves having new students in her classes and watching them share the joy and benefits that yoga offers, and witnessing the way long time yoga students’ practice adapts.